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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 4, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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this man was shoving him against the wall. and waving a pistol in the air. >> terror in sunnyvale. an elderly woman and her ailing husband attacked in their own home. tonight she says she's still scared to be there. good evening. i'm ama dates. let's get live in sunnyvale tonight with what happened. >> ama, this was a home invasion and armed robbery that happened in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight. police say they are still trying to track down the suspect. one of the victims tells me tonight she's worried that man will come back. police quickly swarm there had quiet neighborhood looking for the man who broke into thisme. the home. the resident says she first realized something was wrong
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when she heard her husband talking to someone in the other room. b)sgyr" at him and shoving him into the wall. when he saw me, he would never let us not be together in the same room after that. >> dorothy says she's mostly upset how violent the man was. >> to see him push my poor old husband around, he's 92 years old. he ripped his watch off his arm. he took all my rings, my engagement ring, wedding ring. >> her husband was not injured. she was worried about being home after the break-in. when we checked in on her again tonight, she said the police had arrested someone but she didn't recognize that person. slow told me she would recognize the armed robber because he was sitting on her patio chair last night. >> i thought he was delivering a package because i'm expecting some. when i opened the door, he had this attitude like what took you so long. >> she chooed him off her patio
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and was shocked to see him inside her home. she'll change the locks as soon as possible. people are hoping anything who knows anything about this crime will call and help them make an arrest. sergio quintana. >> new details about the teen stow away who survived a flight to the hawaii in the wheel well of a jet. is he back in california tonight. the 15-year-old is in custody of santa clara social services. hawaii's department of human services confirms he has left hawaii. his father flew to hawaii hoping to reunite with his son. officials reportedly denied the father's request to see his son and bring him back home. one person is dead after a shooting on the east bay freeway. dionte broussard was killed driving ob interstate 580 in richmond. tonight police say it was not a case of road rage. they believe broussard was
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targeted. traffic was backed up for miles this afternoon on 580 in richmond. reporter lilian kim has the details. >> officeres the shut down all lanes of this stretch of eastbound 580 in richmond backing up traffic for miles. police say the male driver of the blue ford suv lost.nó contr after being shot by someone in another car. >> we don't believe that the lone occupant was firing at anybody. we believe that the suspect or suspects were firing at him. >> witnesses say the suv rolled over multiple times before hitting the center divide. people who live along the freeway heard the gunshots and the crash. >> it was five gunshots. i ducked. i grabbed my jacket and ran outside because i thought one of my brothers got shot. then i heard the car crash and we came and ran up here. you could see the man dead in the car with a gunshot wound. it's sad. >> its unclear if the driver died from the gunshot or the impact of the crash. >> trying to determine a motive or if the victim had anys; enes
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or anybody that might want to shoot him. >> police are hoping witnesses will come forward. someone should have seen something considering it was a relatively busy time of day. thank goodness no one else was had urt. >> it's sad. i don't know what the situation was, but innocent people riding on the freeway. a stray bullet could have hit one of them. anyone with information is urged to call richmond police. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a man was shot to death after entering another apartment inside his building in6e!! francisco on mission street early this morning. the victim stefan gliermo lived two floors bob his suspected killer. he apparently got off the elevator on the wrong floor before walking into the apartment hec6 the man police say shot him is in jail. >> well, it came down to the wire. and the warriors fought hard against the clippers but their
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playoff dreams are over this season. goc, last game, down to that very last just -- it's hard. >> it's been a tough week for bay area sports fans. sharks and now the warriors. what a game seven tonight. warriors and clippers battling for a shot at the semis. you could not have asked for a better effort from both teams. draymond green on fire. from beyond the arc. career high 24 points. seth curry had 33 points and gets fouled. warriors up eight at theoc:y ha. we head to the fourth. iguodalaing had 14, 107-106 game. chris paul to d'andre jordan for the jam. two minutes left. curry drives. blocked by jordan. blake griffin finishes the alley-oop. he had 24. his biggest play came with under a minute left. throws it up. somehow gets it to drop and the foul. then griffin giving up the ball. he goes to jordan for the easy
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jam. clip kers moving onto the second round with a 126-121 victory. of course, we'll have complete highlights and reaction come cog up later in sports. tough loss for the warriors. what a season they had he. >> thank you so much. warriors fans packed the bar in berkeley to watch the game. this scene reported as people parked in front of the tv to watch the last game of the series. food and drink, most fans anyhowing on their finger nails as the game wound down. it wasn't meant to be. we watched the clippers pull away in the last minute. >> i owe mr. sterling everything. i'm his confidante. his best friend. his silly rabbit.[ñ his what? >> the ex-girlfriend of donald sterling is now sharing her side of the story about those racist comments caught on tape. we'll hear from her coming up. we turn our attention now to weather.
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a live look outside from our camera and get right to abc7 news meteorologist francis mcglove lynn for our first check on weather. >> good evening, everyone. it was a breezy day. temperatures took a tumble especially in inland areas as we look right now, we're starting to see some clouds move in and we're going to have some cooler numbers. i'll have your complete seven-day forecast coming up shortly. >> look forward to that. thank you. tonight protesters in. the united states and nigeria called on their governments to do more to find more than 200 girls kidnapped last month. >> bring back our girls. >> they marched you caing for the return of 223 girl kidnapped at gunpoint. a militant group raided their boarding school april 16th, taking 276 girls, 53 have escaped. they're reportedly being sold into marriages for $12 each. a man died today, several
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hours after a hit and run driver plowed into his car in san francisco's mission district. witnesses say a driver ran a headlight and ram the victim as a car at cesar chavez street. those anrs hit another vehicle just before 2:30 a.m. the driver who broadsided the victim ran from the scene police say. >> a man died after being struck by an amtrak train in richmond just before 2:00 p.m. the con trap kostka county coroner is working to identify the victim. a north bay community rallied around a boy fighting cancer. all the proceeds from tonight's auction at the elks club will go to ron powell's family. in february, ron died suddenly from a heart attack, not long after his son zeke was diagnosed with cancer. zeke's cancer is called rms. it attacks his muscles. when it was diagnosed, it was stage four. despite all that, friends say the family is in good spirits. >> they're survivors. they're staying very positive
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and they are getting through stuff. sometimes life hands you difficult situations but they're perceiving. >> zeke's mother says he's doing okay and his body is responding well to chemotherapy. he'll start radiation next month. ll to come at 11:00, a night of laughs in washington, d.c. >> after my stellar 2013, what could i possibly talk about? >> the president pokes fun at himself at tonight's white house correspondents dinner. we'll have highlights. and a job fair at tes las gets shut down. we'll tell you why. and later, the state wideman hunt for a cal fire chief suspected of murder when abc
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so they can be removed before they turn into cancer. if you're over 50, get screened. screening saves lives. it could really save your life. ...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hline can help. (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) celebrities, reporters and the president poked fun at each other at this year's white house correspondents dinner.
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joel mchale hosted this year and took jabs at the president, other democrats, republicans and the chris christieie bridge scandal. but cnn and its coverage of the missing malaysian airlines flight was the target for both the president and the comedian. >> i'm happy to be here even though i am a little jet lagged from my trip type malaysia. the leks we have get to to get cnn coverage these days. >> this is the 100th year of the white house correspondents association. yes. 100 years ago, cnn was only searching for the wright plane. plane. >> the president also made fun of the botched rollout of saying instead of yes we can, last year's slogan was control alt delete. this is the 100th anniversary of the correspondents association. those racial remarks by clippers owner donald sterling are still echoing across the country as he fights a virtual death sentence from the nba, the woman who recorded those words has spoken about them for the
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first time. v stiviano spilled exclusively to barbara walters. michele franzen has the details. >> their owner is banned from the nba for life for making racial comments on the phone. >> if you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> the person hon started all the fuhrer -- v. stibian;etju who worked to are donald sterling and admits recording the phone conversation but says she doesn't know who leaked. she spoke exclusively to barbara walters. >> is donald sterling a racist? >> no. i don't believe it in my heart. >> have you heard him say derogatory things about minorities in general and blacks in particular? >> absolutely. >> you've heard him say derogatory things. >> yes. >> sterling has hit back telling due jour magazine that "i wish i had just paid her off." but sooner or later sterling will likely have to address the
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racist rants publicly. >> i think what's really important is that he own it, that he vows that he's going to be a different person. >> do you think that donald sterling should apologize? >> absolutely. >> will he apologize? >> only god knows. >> the nba is now consulting with l.a. clippers management to appoint a ceo to oversee the team's operations. michele franzen, abc news, new york. when it comes to landing a museum of george lukas'sdí ñ[xk-p memorabilia, san francisco mayor ed lee has told the staff do or do not. there is no try. he told staffers they have till ç e end of the month to come up with a list of potential places for the museum. on the line, the $300 million lukas says he plans to spend on the lukas cultural arts museum and another $400 million endowment when he dies. yer this year, the presidio trust rejected lukas proposal at the base of the golden gate
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bridge instead offering him another spot spot near existing lukas film offices. the biggest competition sgs chicago. a tesla job fair ended after just two hours today after an overwhelming response. thousands showed up an the job fair that was supposed to last till 5:00. instead, it was shut down at 10:00 a.m. because of capacity and safety concerns. officials say the hiring process is still open. now people have to apply online. a big night for google glass users. tonight is glass night out all over the country. glass explorers teamed up with local businesses to help introduce people to the hi-tech glasses. the $1500 device only costs about0 to make according to, the most expensive part is the texas instruments processor at $13.96. the oakland balej company showcased its current season with a benefit dinner tonight. news anchor sherrill jennings
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served as comaster of ceremonies near lake merritt. folks enjoyed a sneak peek at some of the dances the company will perform during hitsity spring repertory season. proceeds of tonight's dinner and auction will support the company and its discover dance educational outreach program. not a bad day across the bay area today. a little bit breezy. meteorologist francis has what's on for sunday. >> you just had to hang on to your has the today. we saw partly cloudy conditions. clouds moving in from the north bay. boy was it gusty. near 40 miles an hour earlier this afternoon. it's still breezy right now. current winds gusting to 28 miles an hour in novato, 24, at sfo and 24 in fairfield. it will be breezy, as well tomorrow. that's going to help keep things cool. as we look towards the bay bridge, we ceelo marine clouds
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moving in. that will spread inland overnight. temperatures right now, 55 in san francisco. oakland 58 and mid 50s, as well in san jose and in gilroy. as we look now towards the bay bridge from the exploratorium camera, i'll check out some other temperatures for you. santa rosa 54 as well as napa. 57. concord and livermore. we see the flags blowing over the bay bridge looking from our roof camera. increasing clouds tonight. the cooling trend continues and warmer by the middle of next week. so here's why the pacific satellite image shows this area of low pressure and with the air circulating counterclockwise, that's going to help bring us this increased on-shore flow and that brought temperatures well below -- not well below but a little bit below average in inland areas. a drop from yesterday's numbers. monday will be slightly cooler, as well. then after that high pressure
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will rebuild and we'll see a warmup midweek. so the forecast model shows some clouds tomorrow. there's a chance of light rain way up in the north north of clover dale and ukiah. we'll see the clouds increase into monday and then a very slight chance of rain monday afternoon, evening. but looks like it's more mainly the north bay counties and cloudy conditions for the rest of us. overnight lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. 51 in san rafael, 49 in napa, 53 in san francisco. and 52 in san jose. and for tomorrow, numbers will be a little bit cooler in some locations. in some places holding steady. look for 61 in half moon bay, an san francisco at 62. oakland 67. low 70s this time in the inland areas. this was in the 90s just a couple days ago. we've dropped by about 20 degrees in concord and livermore. tomorrow 71.
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san jose 70. here's the trend. so you know what to expect. for example, in oakland, the average temperature for this time of year, 68 degrees. we'll be a little bit below average and cooler on monday. tuesday is when things start to change. we ramp things back up for a warmup into next weekend which is also reflected in the accuweather seven-day forecast. just have that slight chance of rain monday afternoon. north bay county. so cool into monday. then warm tuesday into saturday and lots of sunshine by next weekend. >> thank you so much, francis. she was here with sports. warriors will a good season but it's over. >> three game sevens today on the ledger including the golden state warriors. they had a 12-point lead in the thirst half. but the clips battled back in the second and moving on. we'll have
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announcer: because at this moment, st. jude children's research hospital is saving lives with pioneering research and care. we're changing the way the world treats childhood cancer by sharing our discoveries with doctors and scientists everywhere. and we'll never have to pay st. jude for anything, ever. at this moment, she wants to be in her own bed. i want to be outside playing. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit well, if you can't get up for a game seven, you should not be on the floor. warriors and clippers laying it
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all on the line for a shot at the conference semis. the doves came up short. warrior nation taking over l.a. draymond green had a career high 24 points. they're up 45-39. seth curry hit three of his 33. head to the fourth, clippers up two. andre iguodala a three. had he 14. but l.a. comes right back. chris paul lost to jordan for the jam. curry drives. blocked by jordan. clippers take it the other way. blake griffin had 24. but his biggest play with under a minute left. drives, throws it up somehow, gets it to drop and one. then griffin giving it up to jordan for ott easy jam clippers moving onto the second round with a victory. >> battled against a team that got a lot of respect for. extremely well coached. and i think we'll see each other down the road again.
2:25 am
i'm extremely proud of my guys. i think it's been an outstanding year for us. >> now the clippers will play the second seeded okc thunder. durant leading the way with 33 points. russell westbrook a triple-double. 16 assists, enboards. thunder wins big, 120-109 thatu final. larry an bird top seeded indiana pacer hold off atlanta, down 3-2 in the series. got 30 points, 11 rebounds from paul george while stephenson added 14 points. indiana ends with a 92-80 victory and get washington in the conference semis. we'll take a brief time-out before we hit the diamond. free more's solo home run leads the league in that category
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well, the giants take their second straight from the braves. once again with home runs and solid pitching.
2:29 am
throw back uniforms for both squads. takes me back. brandon belt led off second with his eighth home run of the year. giants up 1-0. g-mécv]en have hit homers in t straight games. ron vogelsong gets his first win of the year. chris johnson turning the double play. braves tied it at one. in the fourth, this seventh of the year. another solo shot. then in the seventh, michael morris, his eighth. g-men lead the league in solo home runs. giants win 3-1, their eighth win in nine games. boston strong. all its glory. now to fenway. the pride of petaluma, jonny gomes with a grand slam off of tommy milone. milone gave up three home runs dropping to-3. more than enough for jon lester, allowed just one hit. struck out a career high 15. walked only two. red sox win it 6-3 going for the
2:30 am
sweep tomorrow. 1408th running of the kentucky derby. today's start with the no incident. california chrome a 5-2 favorite in perfect position. third place around the first turn. then he turned it on down the stretch. >> california chrome into the final furlong. he's got a five length lead on his competition. it is california chrome in front and from the back of the pack on the outside commanding purpose taking second. california chrome shines bright in the kentucky derby. >> california chrome, the first california bred horse to win the derby since 1962 in a time of 267 minutes 2.66 seconds. art sherman with his first horse in 34 years wins. floyd mayweather junior and marcus my donna in a bout tonight in las vegas. mayweather got a cut under his
2:31 am
right eye. mayweather will hold on for a unanimous decision. two judges had mayweather winning. one a draw. floyd mayweather junior remains undefeated. a rematch may be in order. coming up later in the news cast, hockey, soccer and more from the warriors. a great season by the warriors. boy, that was a tough way to lose. great game but just didn't happen. >> thank you. still to come, a man used to saving lives now accused of taking a life. taking a liffor a man police say killed his own fiance. the party plans that got pulled at uc davis tonight and why some say they were racist. plus the kentucky derby celebrations in the winner's hometown. stay with us. we'll be right back after a quick break.
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good evening. i'm am ma dates. breaking news from san francisco. police are block traffic to the area around sixth and mission streets. officers are starting to evacuate residents. police tell us a man barricaded himself in a room in a building on sixth street. no reports of injuries and police are not saying whether the man is armed. in tonight's other headlines, a man died after he was shot while driving along a freeway in richmond. police believe someone targeted dionte broussard an. investigators still don't know the if a bullet kills broussard or if he died because his car overturned several times. sunnyvale real estate police surrounded a home looking for a robber. the man broke into a house and robbed an elderly couple. the victims say they're scared to be in their home now. we've learned the teen who tsaoed away to hawaii is back in
2:36 am
california. the 15-year-old ya-ya abudy is in the custody of social services. he was treated at a hawaiian hospital after fiving freezing temperatures in the wheel well of a jetliner. a statewide manhunt under way tonight. police are looking for a cal fire battalion chief accused of killing his fiancee while she was on the phone with her sister. mike boettcher has the latest. >> orville fleming is a california state fire chief trained to save lives. here he is interviewed during the 2013 training exercise near sacramento. now, he stands accused of stabbing to death his 26-year-old fiance,z;añ sarah douglas in the sacramento home they shared. the object of a statewide california manhunt. >> we are extremely proficient at tracking fugitives. i'm certain much better than he is at being a fugitive. >> outside the murder scene last night, her family and friends held a vigil. the victim's aunt said her niece
2:37 am
was on the phone when she was murdered. she recounts the last seconds of that chilling call. >> she enters the house, she comes up from behind. and on the speakerphone you could hear her say you scared the [ muted ] at me. then she screams and the phone goes dead. >> her pickup truck was found abandoned south of sacramento. still no sign of a fire cheer on the run. blood was found in that abandoned truck and sacramento sheriffs are concerned fleming might try to take his own life. >> family members tell abc news they don't believe the homicide was ,ao)emeditated. they believe fleming snapped. students at uc davis have canceled plans for a controversial party. protesters said the celebration is racist. it was to be healed tonight ahead of the cinco de mayo holiday. it was eventually canceled. condoleezza ricev-c is bowing o
2:38 am
of speaking at rutgers state graduation. her invitation became a distraction. her slated appearance led to protests about her iraq war record. several students and faculty members spoke out against the invite. fighting continues in ukraine tonight. pro-russian protesters tore into buildings waving russian flags to cheer ares from the crowd on the heels of violence yesterday in the city of odessa. 42 people died in fighting between pro-russian supporters and ukrainian forces. government said it will continue its crackdown on separatist groups in the eastern part of the country. a man climbed to great heights to protest uganda's strict anti-gay laws. he's atop margarita peak. violators 69 law could face life
2:39 am
in prison. many happy face around the golden state tonight. a california bred horse won the kentucky derby for the first time since 1962. racing fans packed golden gate field. many wore fancy has the and other fashions you would expect to see the in kentucky. come cashed in winning betts on today's winner california chrome. yuba city is the birthplace of california chrome. >> good local story. good for the community. excitement. kentucky derby. >> i think it's going to be a lot of excitement going toward the triple crown. >> california chrome will try to win the preakness two weeks from now in baltimore. no horse has won the triple crown since 1978. comic book fans rushed to stores today for free comic book day there. there were long lines in berkeley. big companies like marvel, d.c.
2:40 am
and image were offering 60 different comics for free. stores handed out about 4 million comic books nationwide. starting monday, you can step right up as the post office pays tribute to the circus of yesterday. eight new stamps have -- show vintage styles, images of ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus posters. they'll be released may 5th. still to cop, you may not have seen them, but they are there. san francisco dealing with a major rat infestation. why some way we're in the middle after population boom and what's being done about it. the new kind you have efficiency when it comes to toilets. how thousands of bowls are being as you used to help keep money from going down the drain. >> i'm in the accuweather center. temperatures tumbled. they'll cool down even a little bit tomorrow and into monday. i'll let you know how
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2:43 am
san francisco south of market building boom has displaced hundreds, probably thousands of its underground residents. all that construction has stirred the rats out of their nests. as abc7 news reporter vic lee shows us, they're everywhere. >> under the cloak of darkness, rats sneak out. near the fourth street off-ramp
2:44 am
south of market in san francisco looking for food. they'll even chew through plastic trash cans to get it. >> how big are they? >> between 6 and 8 inches long. >> dark-colored. you know, mangy looking. not the kind of rats you'd want to hold. >> people in the neighborhood say the rat population boomed two years ago when work started on a new subway extension. >> they come out late at night. >> it's one of many major construction projects in the neighborhoods now. >> you see little things scurrying around. >> we went looking for rats around the city and found them all over the place. at the south of market off-ramp, we found a thriving infestation. not only were there dozens of adult rats but babies, as well. >> used to see once in awhile. like the other night, must have seen 50 of them. exaggerating, no. i kid you not. they were coming out of these garbage pails like it was nuts.
2:45 am
hernandez is worried the rats will hitch a ride home with him to san mateo. >> i don't want to get bitten by someone. >> go down the street, make sure they're nothing in there. >>etç johnson is with the san francisco department of public health and says rats are part of urban life and they show up all over the city. left unchecked, they can spread bacteria like salmonella. >> when you drink water or food that is contaminated by rat feces, you're more likely to get the bacteria also. >> the centers for disease control say rats have been known to carry 26 diseases, ones tha ones that can kill you like the bubonic plague and the hadn't tap virus. ojo isn't too worried about those spreading in the city has the city has an aggressive eradication program. >> a lot why i know the about rats is come from experience. >> nad are sitara is part of
2:46 am
that. he's a senior environmental health inspector with the san francisco department of health. on average, his department gets about 350 complaints a year. >> i went to the health department. i'm responding to a complaint in the area about rats. >> sitara showed us what inspectors look for when they respond to complaints. >> you've got rat droppings on had tihis side and this side. >> the rat's fur is usually greasy, dirty and so on. they'll leave streaks called rub marks. >> he looks for possible nests or burrows in free planters. >> you go out during the daytime, it's rare to see rats running around. to determine whether or not there's activity, we look for telltale signs. >> when they're found on city property, exterminators come out to take care of them. when found on private property, the owners are told to fix the problems. but when they are rooted out of one location, they often just
2:47 am
move onto the next good spot. vic lee, abc7 news us. >> vic points out one common remedy for rats won't be able for long. a popular rat poison is being banned from stores of california. the next time you visit toilets like these, it might be while you're behind the wheel. the public utilities department recycles old toilets so they can become a key ingredient. workers crush them till they're nothing but small db bits of porcelain. last year, colorado springs turned 66600 be toilets into a half million pounds of road base. expect traffic overnight in san lorenzo. caltrans is demolishing the bridge on interstate 880. all lanes shout down. during the week, this will be shut down from midnight to 4:00
2:48 am
a.m., southbound lanes from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. one last check on our weather tonight. francis? >> hi. live doppler 7 hd in looping mode so you can see the trend of the clouds moving west. this is all due to a low pressure system that's to our north. and that's bringing rain top seattle and portland where we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s. high pressure over the middle of the country is going to keep things warm. in texas, dallas will hit a high of 95. we have showers in the northeast. 61 in boston and 64 in newark. and here around the state, we could get a chance of showers far up north in eureka. 78 in sacramento. 63 in monterrey. send your partly cloudy conditions in southern california, 77 in los angeles, 72 in san diego. and here around the bay area, the cooling trend continues. we'll come down a few degrees. 60s around the bay. upper 60s, as well through fremont and near 70 in san jose.
2:49 am
so the trend basically inland we'll see temperatures slightly below average for the next couple days. and then warming up into next weekend. the same for the accuweather seven-day forecast. just a slight chance of rain monday afternoon for north bay counties. >> thank you so much. and now we turn to shoe for a look at the warriors. unfortunately ending the season. >> they fought a brilliant battle tonight but it was not to be the clips too strong. they move onto the western conference semis. details and reaction next in the sports. and watch avs is now available to bay area dish customers who want to watch abc7 news online or smartphones and tablets. go to abc7 download the ap and watch all your favorite avs shows.
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it could save your life. know more. well, the warriors should be proud of their performance tonight. but they came up short. it was not for a lack of effort. dove nation well represented down at the staples center. draymond green from beyond the arc had a career high 24 points. doves up 44-39. seth curry hits the three and one. doves up eight at the half. andre iguodala a three. he had 14. but l.a. comes back. d'andre jordan for the jam. curry drives. watch that block. clippers take it the other way. griffin finishing the alley-oop. he had 24. his biggest play came under a minute left.
2:53 am
drives, somehow it drops. and one. griffin giving it up to jordan for the easy jam. clippers move onto the second round with a 126-121 victory. >> battled against a team that got a lot of respect for. extremely well coached. and i think we'll see each other down the road again. i'm extremely proud of my guys. i think it's been an outstanding game for us. >> with your shotmakers it's going to be a hard series. i thought the game was over three times and curry makes a crazy shot andres monday green i thought was phenomenal in the entire series. >> all right. giants take their second straight from the braves. once again with home runs and solid pitching.&y wearing the old throw back uniforms here. takes me back. bell led off with his eighth home run of the year. solo shot. homers in ten straight games. ryan vogelsong gets his first
2:54 am
win year. chris johnson turning the double play. braves tie it at one. another solo shot. 2-1 giants. then in the seventh, michael moore goes deep, as well. all three homer led off the inning. giants their eighth win in nine games. boston strong. in all its glory. former a and the pride of pet lume marks jonny gomes, grand slam in the first. more than enough for boston pitcher jon lester, allowed one hit. a career high 15 strikeouts. walked only two. red sox win it 6-3. after eliminating the sharks in seven games, kings taking on anaheim. ducks led. marian gaborik scores with seven seconds left in the game knocking it out mid-air. 2-2. completes the comeback in
2:55 am
overtime. tips it past jonas hiller. kings take game one 3-2 the final.=9 floyd mayweather and marcus my done nan. mayweather got a cut under his eye. mayweather will hold on for a unanimous decision. mayweather remains undefeated but a rematch by be in order. third round of the wells fargo championship. charlotte. phil mickelson 963. always a great short game. here on 18, gets it within a few feet. he's 2 back at 11 under. j. b. homes on the fringe at 18. a little birdie. 6 under 66. he's 13 under leading by one stroke going into the final round. kyle rugby facing byu for the national championship. late second half, russell webb starts the comeback with this try. the lead cut to ten. any chance of a comeback dashed.
2:56 am
late second half. byu wins their third straight national champion, 43-33 the final. volleyball played in the ncaa championship today against loyola of chicago. loyola pulling through. loyal io la chicago, can the national champions finishes the year 24-9. earthquakes north of the capbo. white capps jumped out to a 3-0 lead. pedro morales with his second goal of the game. quakes able to make it close in the second half. chris wondolowski scores his second of the game. too little too late. quakes lose 3-2 your final. tough week for bay area area fans. and now all the talk will be about head coach mark jackson's job. nobody could get more out of the warriors that he did. >> you said it. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. abc7 news copies tomorrow
2:57 am
morning at 5:00 a.m. thank you so much for joining us. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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